Property search


Customer services

  • Mediation in buying and selling
  • Mediation in renting
  • Property and wealth ratings
  • Rents and wealth management
  • Real estate personal shopper
  • Drafting of plans
  • Energy certificate management
  • Certificate of ocupancy management

Promoter services

  • Advice on project definition
  • Area market research
  • Advice to fix the sale price
  • Design advertising
  • Marketing product
  • Reservation contract
  • Buying and selling contract
  • Deed of sale

Ethical code


Professional counseling, confidentiality and personalized service are the basis of our work. Rustic Corner only accept professional assignments, never speculates on behalf of itself or third parties and their property interests. Never endorse any contract on behalf or on account of withholding amounts.


We are at your disposal to reporting on the actions and expectations existing gotten.

Professional secrecy

Confidentiality. Discuss your interests with the strictest confidence.