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RUSTIC CORNER is a real estate agency founded in 1975. It started his career with farmhouses and town houses in Girona. The satisfaction of our customers drove the expansion of our market in the acquisition of first residences in Barcelona city and province.
The ability to really understand how the real estate market has been the key to our success.
Personalized treatment, knowledge acquired over the years, the ability to advice and loyalty of our customers is what brings investors rely on our company.

Rustic Corner

Our team

  • Juan Mercé
    Juan Mercé Muntañola

    Rustic Corner founder partner. My passion for farms led me to create Rustic Corner in 1975. The loyalty of our customers encouraged us to evolve the service towers and apartments in Barcelona. My goal has always been honesty and give the best personal treatment.

  • Tania Mercé
    Tania Mercé Llonch

    Responsible for houses and farms passionate nature. For me it is proud to be part of this great team for over 15 years. The best thing about my job? Feel the confidence and satisfaction of my clients.

  • Beatriz Romagosa
    Beatriz Romagosa Llovet

    Head Department of Apartments. Passionate with my job, dynamic and with deep knowledge of each one of the buildings in the upper area of Barcelona. Joining Rustic Corner team has allowed me to know Barcelona in detail.

  • Elisabet Dinarès
    Elisabet Dinarés Diego

    Jeweler by profession, perfectionist and lover of detail. Rustic Corner met him as a client and this great family business has given me the opportunity to learn a new trade department carrying Empordà, which is where I live.

  • Cristina Torres
    Cristina Torres Julián

    Management Secretary, I am methodical by nature and apply it in my daily work. With a long career in real estate, and great knowledge of the sector, I joined the team in 1999 Rustic Corner, my second home.

  • Cristina Torres
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